Denali CSS Docs are Moving

We've updated our documenation to align with our other frameworks. Our new documenation will live here and these pages will be removed.

What’s New

We list all the updates, bug fixes, and new features.

July 23th 2020 | v2.0.2


  • Loader We have changed the visual look of our loader. loader
  • Loader Size We have removed all size modifiers for loaders.
  • Loader Inverse Changed from .is-inverse to .loader--inverse
  • Button Loader Additionally add .loader--button


  • Removed $loader-size-xs and all sizes
  • Added $loader-color
  • Added $loader-color-inverse


  • Shadows Add 5 different elevations of shadows.

June 15th 2020 | v2.0.1


  • Menu Direction is can now be applied to the parent element e.g. menu .is-right
  • Navbar Combine .nav-icon and .nav-item We will deprecate .nav-icon in a later version.
  • Navbar & Menu Navbar now used the menu component with the modifier .menu--nav


  • Added $checkbox-checkmark-color
  • Added $checkbox-corner-radius
  • Added $button-font-weight
  • Added $button-font-size
  • Removed $navbar-menu-bg-color

April 29th 2020 | v2.0


  • Toogles Ability just use icons in toggles.
  • Buttons Grouping of two buttons together using .button-group.
  • List Implemented unordered and ordered lists.
  • Navbar Implemented a center section, .nav-control for adding inputs into the navbar with consisency, .nav-menu is to replace the menu components in the navbar, and is-fixed-top to apply a position fixed top.
  • Input groups Added a modifier of .auto to adjust label width from size of content.
  • Icons Icon size modifier can now be used for SVG icons
  • Colors Added fill color helpers.
  • Menu Added a link class when unable to use a href tags.
  • Breadcrumbs This component is used to show the relationship betweens pages or content.
  • Tooltips This component is used to display additional information when a user hovers, focuses, or taps on the element.
  • Block Level Alerts Added a modifier of .is-block to apply an in context alert.


  • Selects Arrows reposition on width change. Arrow positioning at different sizes. Inverse theme issues were fixed.
  • Modal Dark theme fixes. Border and border radius fixes on dark theme.


  • Navbar .nav-group was removed because of the center section.
  • Colors We condensed our brand colors from 100 to 500 values.