How to contribute

First, thanks for taking the time to contribute to our project! The following information provides a guide for making contributions.

Code of Conduct

By participating in this project, you agree to abide by the Verizon Media Code of Conduct. Everyone is welcome to submit a pull request or open an issue to improve the documentation, add improvements, or report bugs.

How to Ask a Question

If you simply have a question that needs an answer, create an issue, and label it as a question.

How To Contribute

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

If you encounter any bugs while using this software, or want to request a new feature or enhancement, feel free to create an issue to report it, make sure you add a label to indicate what type of issue it is.

Contribute Code

Pull requests are welcome for bug fixes. If you want to implement something new, please request a feature first so we can discuss it.

Creating a Pull Request

Before you submit any code, we need you to agree to our Contributor License Agreement; this ensures we can continue to protect your contributions under an open source license well into the future.

Please follow best practices for creating git commits.

When your code is ready to be submitted, you can submit a pull request to begin the code review process.